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Taking great care of our pigs is our highest priority, and help from supporters like you is always so greatly appreciated. Our pigs have daily needs and there are items that we go through on a very regular basis. Sanctuary maintenence and improvements are also imperative to the well-being of our hammie-herd. Those who prefer supporting our mission via in-kind gifts are invited to peruse our Wish Lists below. We can accept shipments as well as arrange appointments for drop-offs for those within driving distance. Click on any item to shop online. If you live within driving distance, and prefer to drop-off your in-kind donation, please contact us at (805) 693-9953 to arrange an appointment (Please no dumping!). Our Wish Lists are kept up-to-date to reflect our current needs. Thank you again for your support!

Wish List

* Please remember to include your full name and address when you choose to ship your donation! We want to acknowledge your gift and provide you with a donation receipt!

Swine Care Needs

Updated 03/24/2015

Sanctuary Needs

Updated 03/24/2015

Office Needs

Updated 03/24/2015

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