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Lil´ Orphan Hammies offers a number of free publications as part of our commitment to outreach and education. All of these publications are available for download under Creative Commons license (by-nc-nd). You may copy, distribute, and display any of these works provided that credit is attributed to Lil´ Orphan Hammies, that they are used only for non-commercial purposes, and that you agree not to alter, transform, or build upon these works in any way.


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While Lil’; Orphan Hammies does it’s best to ensure that all materials are correct and current, we offer no guarantees nor are any of our materials intended to replace the counsel of qualified veterinarians, city, state, or national officials or any legal documents that come to bare on subjects addressed in our materials. We reserve the right to modify, update, or remove these materials at any time. By downloading and utilizing any of our documents, you agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Lil’ Orphan Hammies from and against any claims, demands, actions, liens, rights, debts, liabilities, judgments, costs, and attorney’s fees, arising out of, claimed on account of, or in any manner predicated upon use of our materials, including any loss or damage to property, injury or death, even where that loss, damage, personal injury, or death is caused or contributed to, in any manner, by using or distributing materials provided by Lil’ Orphan Hammies. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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