Hammie Holidays to ALL!

"Hey! Who hogged all the nog?"

“Hey! Who hogged all the nog?”

Keeping it short and sweet. Wishing you all a warm and wonderful holiday and a happy and prosperous new year!

Warmest Regards,
Sue Parkinson & the Lil’ Orphan Hammies Board of Directors

Judge, Jon Jon, Duke, Sammy, Milton, Petunia, Officer, Charlie, Blueberry, Gordy, Valentine, Blackie, Dipstick, Tank, Betty, Otis, Chubby Girl, Reggie, Bentley, Pierre, Oreo,  Buddy, Rolls & Royce, Penny, Charlie & Zachary, Miss Piggy, Oompa, Pat, Princess, Billy, The Tick, Wilbur, and all the rest of the Hammies here at LOH

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Exciting News!

Sponsorship Gifts

Sponsorship is a great way to support LOH, and it makes a great gift too!

You asked for it, so we’ve been working on it! Our sponsorship system is now ready to pilot! It’s a wonderful way to support our sanctuary, and we’ve created some gifts to offer in return. Jon Jon, Officer, Penny, Sammy and Tank are all up for sponsorship!

Check it out at: http://lilorphanhammies.org/sponsorship

Thanks for your support!

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The Newest Campaign…

Royce (left) and Penelope (right) are both in need of spay/neuter procedures. Can you help?

Hello LOH friends!

We’ve got a quick little Cause campaign we’re hoping you can help us with!

Recent rescues “Royce” and “Penelope” are in need of neuter and spay procedures; respectively. Can you help us get the word out to raise funds? You can find further details at http://causes.com/LilOrphanHammies. Any amount you can give is much appreciated. Most of all, please share our Cause as it will help spread our message while helping us raise funds too!

Thank you for all that you do!

Kind Regards,
Jane Mäger
Lil’ Orphan Hammies

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Tak for at komme!


We had almost 30 participants in this year’s Danish Days parade in Solvang. Tak for at komme!

Another year, another Danish Days parade come and gone. And what a great turnout we had! On Saturday, September 15, almost 30 participants marched or rode in support of LOH. We handed out more than 400 theme fliers with information about the animals as well as sanctuary costs, in addition to lots of informational rack cards. After the parade, we parked in downtown Solvang to educate. Our float had lots of visitors. “Bridgette,” an intake from earlier in the year, interacted with the public alongside “Olive,” who participated alongside Kerrie and Liddy of SCAMPP! They made fantastic breed ambassadors and we were able to talk with many miniature pig enthusiasts, children, and families about the realities of owning Pot-bellied Pigs and other miniature breeds.

A BIG THANK YOU to ALL the volunteers who helped with building, painting, and decorating the float, helped with t-shirts and costume items, helped with distributing fliers and information, and representing us in the parade! A BIG THANK YOU to SCAMPP reps Kerrie, Liddy, & family for joining us!

Parade Walkers

Amy, Sarah, and the rest of our parade walkers distributed lots of information while Bridgette, the Pot-bellied piglet, made rounds in a wagon to visit with the crowd!

There are more photos to enjoy! You can find them by CLICKING HERE to visit our parade album online at Facebook. Our page is public, so you do not need to log in or join to view our page!

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We Now Accept Vehicle Donations!

Hello Hammie Friends!

I’ve been meaning to post on this for some time now, and I’m finally getting around to it! We are now set up to accept vehicle donations through V-Dac! (I actually set it up some time ago and it’s been linked from our website, but I’ve neglected to draw everyone’s attention to it!)

If you have a junker, a clunker, or a vehicle you no longer want, please consider donating it to the pigs!

It’s easy, and V-Dac takes care of all of the paperwork. You can get started by clicking this button:

Thanks for all you do!


Jane Mäger

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