New Homes for New Arrivals…

…and let’s not forget the permanent residents as well!

We have been very busy these last few months — bringing in new rescues, increasing our outreach, participating in community awareness events, and taking care of our 65+ residents.

Recently we have added some new enclosures for a couple of new young arrivals — Luna and Hamlet!

We have established new covered shelters for our “old folks” — giving them a shady and protected home during our hot summers.

Rescue and housing is only part of our mission, as you all know. Being able to reach out and educate those unfamiliar with the plight of miniature pigs — that there is no such thing as “tea cup,” “micro-mini,” etc. — is a truly rewarding aspect of what we are doing and I am happy to report we have been able to participate this past summer in a few of these events:

Old Santa Ynez Days — parade with a few of our “patio pigs” as well as newly welcomed Luna, and an information booth afternoon

Solvang’s 4th of July Celebration — parade with our “patio pigs,” Luna AND Hamlet — lots of fun and outreach on that great day!

Looking forward to providing you with pictures from these events and our new enclosures and rescues!

Thank you all for your continued support and caring!


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