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This Week Has Us Running Hog-Wild!

We have so much news to share this week! New fencing is going in, all around the sanctuary, this week. Age and weather have taken their toll on the older fencing, and while it has held securely to date, we … Continue reading

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The New Year Came Trotting in…

…and there is so much to do! Where to start? I suppose I should start out by thanking all of you for being here with us! Your participation and your support mean so much; you allow us to keep on … Continue reading

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Hammie Holidays to ALL!

Keeping it short and sweet. Wishing you all a warm and wonderful holiday and a happy and prosperous new year! Warmest Regards, Sue Parkinson & the Lil’ Orphan Hammies Board of Directors Judge, Jon Jon, Duke, Sammy, Milton, Petunia, Officer, … Continue reading

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Exciting News!

You asked for it, so we’ve been working on it! Our sponsorship system is now ready to pilot! It’s a wonderful way to support our sanctuary, and we’ve created some gifts to offer in return. Jon Jon, Officer, Penny, Sammy … Continue reading

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The Newest Campaign…

Hello LOH friends! We’ve got a quick little Cause campaign we’re hoping you can help us with! Recent rescues “Royce” and “Penelope” are in need of neuter and spay procedures; respectively. Can you help us get the word out to … Continue reading

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