Lil Orphan Hammies Featured on CBS News!

CBS News broadcast nationally a segment today, August 29th, 2015 on the realities of the Pot-bellied pig and our Rescue efforts and Sanctuary! CBS did an excellent job explaining about the falsely-advertised “teacup pig forever” that DOES NOT stay 20 – 40 pounds (unless literally starved to death), and the truth: pot-bellied pigs average 120 – 160 pounds and definitely do not fit in a teacup!

The CBS News segment can be found here:

Please help put the fraudulent and unscrupulous breeders out of business that are selling promised “mini/micro/Juliana/etc. pigs” to unsuspecting consumers.

Please support us at

Thank you!!

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4th of July Parade, Solvang, California

Love this parade!

So many members from the community — so great to see familiar faces.

Always enjoy the opportunity to bring some of our rescued pigs to this event. People love to see the pigs, love to learn about them and hear their stories.

Most of all, I love the chance to tell people the facts about pot-bellied pigs or miniature pigs and how owners are tricked into believing they will always stay tiny.

Thankfully, we have such great volunteers that help us get ready for the parade, decorating the float and coming up with costumes for the pigs! Not to mention being part of the outreach during the event!

Hope to see you at an event soon!


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New Homes for New Arrivals…

…and let’s not forget the permanent residents as well!

We have been very busy these last few months — bringing in new rescues, increasing our outreach, participating in community awareness events, and taking care of our 65+ residents.

Recently we have added some new enclosures for a couple of new young arrivals — Luna and Hamlet!

We have established new covered shelters for our “old folks” — giving them a shady and protected home during our hot summers.

Rescue and housing is only part of our mission, as you all know. Being able to reach out and educate those unfamiliar with the plight of miniature pigs — that there is no such thing as “tea cup,” “micro-mini,” etc. — is a truly rewarding aspect of what we are doing and I am happy to report we have been able to participate this past summer in a few of these events:

Old Santa Ynez Days — parade with a few of our “patio pigs” as well as newly welcomed Luna, and an information booth afternoon

Solvang’s 4th of July Celebration — parade with our “patio pigs,” Luna AND Hamlet — lots of fun and outreach on that great day!

Looking forward to providing you with pictures from these events and our new enclosures and rescues!

Thank you all for your continued support and caring!


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This Week Has Us Running Hog-Wild!

We have so much news to share this week!

New fencing is going in, all around the sanctuary, this week. Age and weather have taken their toll on the older fencing, and while it has held securely to date, we don’t want any pushy piggies deciding to take a walkabout! We’re also in the process of planning a new shelter for our outer field, a sanctuary-wide Spring-cleaning, and extensions to water and electrical lines to better serve our herds.

In other exciting news, a new rescue will arrive at our sanctuary before the end of next week. Piggly-Wiggly will be joining our herds after surviving the wilds and a harrowing rescue! Thanks to Casey, his mother Kim, and their neighbors for capturing, housing, feeding and seeking help for the lil’ guy. Thanks to Marlies Reno for assistance with photo receipt and getting the word out for him. Thanks to Kelley Moon for transport, foster, and veterinary arrangements! They say it “takes a village,” and our network is certainly proof of that! Thanks also to everyone who has shared on his behalf! You can follow Piggly-Wiggly’s full story on our page at Facebook! If you might consider donating toward his vet and neuter fees, please check out our fundraiser at Causes!

This week also saw our first piggy-sponsor under our new sponsorship system, and we are so excited! Thank you so much to Holly for sponsoring Penny! For anyone else interested in sponsorship, you can find more information HERE!

Our new Hammie-Van; made possible through the generous support of The Fund for Second Nature, will soon be an educational billboard on wheels. It’s already making our dreams come true as an animal-transport and cargo vehicle; and soon it will be so much more. Designs for the “skin” are in progress this week; and, once approved, the van will be off to the shop to get all decked-out! Soon, a ramp and lift or wench system will be installed to help us load large carriers. Additional support has also allowed us to start shopping for a “combo” trailer that will help us with larger, or uncrate-able, animals as well giving us a little space for rescue and event supplies!

Meetings have started this week to solidify our course of action for this year, and we expect a big increase in our outreach operations! We’re already planning events, and new educational materials too! Our new brochures went to print this week and we can’t wait to get them! The recent acquisition of a new laptop will help us as we expand. Our laptop will go where we go; allowing us to share presentations about the care and needs of miniature pigs, and their plight as unwanted pets. Look for us in a classroom near you and keep your eye on our events as the Hammies are already slated for three parades this year!

Our online outreach continues as well. Our page at Facebook is a few short of 1400 “Likes” and we continue to expand our website. This week, we added a sponsorship tab to our page at Facebook and we are working on an accessible, informative, and up-to-date guide to miniature breeds which will be available on our website very soon!

Stay tuned!

Jane Mäger
Board Secretary & Media Manager
Lil’ Orphan Hammies

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The New Year Came Trotting in…

…and there is so much to do!

Where to start? I suppose I should start out by thanking all of you for being here with us! Your participation and your support mean so much; you allow us to keep on doing what we do! We have a big year ahead of us and we hope you’ll continue to join in!

Plans for 2013 include new fencing, new shelters, running water and electricity further out into our fields, finishing the design on our new Hammie Van, expanding our outreach programs, adding to our web presence, and then some!

If you haven’t done so already, we invite you to join us on Causes. Causes offers us a way to further spread accurate information, as well as giving us tremendous opportunities to fundraise towards specific goals. The more folks that join and share, the stronger our cause will be. During this year, you’ll see a number of project goals pop up on Causes and we really appreciate your participation!

For those who haven’t already done so, we also invite you to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for news, stories, photos, fun, and of course rescue!

Of course we’ll have parades and events coming up too! We even have a new calendar to put them on! Our 2013 Calendar, “Saved Bacon!” is now available in our “Market with a Mission” on Zazzle. All proceeds go directly to rescue, care, and outreach!

Thank you again for your continued support!

Jane Mäger
Board Secretary & Media Manager
Lil’ Orphan Hammies

Our 2013 Calendar, "Saved Bacon!" features pigs rescued in 2012. 100% of the proceeds go directly to rescue efforts, providing for sanctuary animals, and expanding our outreach programs!

Our 2013 Calendar, “Saved Bacon!” features pigs rescued in 2012. 100% of the proceeds go directly to rescue efforts, providing for sanctuary animals, and expanding our outreach programs!

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